About us

Our message is clear cut, we want to motivate people to be the best they can be and be as strong as they can be. To be made of Iron mentally and physically! 

Our Message

American Iron Outfitters was started to give a strong message through simple and straight forward designs. That is to motivate everyone to be as strong as they possibly can be, mentally and physically. To be made of Iron, and to stand up and protect our freedom! Not only do we want to just spread a message on clothing, but we want to help local communities to drive this message even further!

Whether it is exercising your rights such as the second amendment, working out in a gym, supporting and bettering your community or just simply enjoying life and loving your country. YOU represent our message.

Together, we can keep the Iron pumping through liberties bloodline! Keeping our freedoms alive and strong - Iron Strong.

Whats coming in the future?

We are looking to have more shirt and sweatshirt options in the near future. We also want to be more involved in our community and with our veterans compared to just donating. We want to be part of events that not only help others, but also encourage others to join in and contribute where possible. We love freedom, our country and our things. But we would have none of that without each other!

Our CEO - Tyler W

Hey everyone! First I would like to say thank you for checking out the business! I am a young American loving citizen originally from northern NY and now live in Indiana. I would like to explain why I chose American Iron outfitters as the brand name. When I hear American, I think of strength, power, diversity and freedom. Along with Iron, I think of something that is VERY hard to break, strong, also having multiple uses.

Combining these two words gives me the feeling of a strong group of diverse people that are unstoppable, Unbreakable, tough to the core and can push through anything. We are suppose to be the best in the world, so I want to encourage people to be the best that they can be mentally and physically while also helping their own peers be the greatest they possibly can be. For everyone to be made of Iron!

I want to be different, I want this company to push people to be their greatest with not only the company message but also reinforcing that by taking part in the local community.

This is more than a company, this is a movement and I want YOU to be part of it!